Easier Way to Log In?

I am looking for an easier way to log into my BW account on my desktops browser.
Currently typing the password every time I need something is a pain! Having a pretty secure password and the fact that I have to get away from my desk several times a day makes this process even more of a pain in butt!
I do love how I can instantly access my BW account with the fingerprint reader on my mobile. Maybe this has spoiled me but this seems pretty secure and is very easy to use and set up.
Anyone have any experience with easier ways to log into their BW accounts on a PC?
I am thinking of maybe a fingerprint reader keyboard? Would this work?
Maybe attaching my BW account to my Windows or Google Chrome account so when I log into those accounts I am logged into my BW account. Since BW is already attached to my Chrome browser, this seems pretty easy to do.
The password thing is getting old…
Any thoughts?

Oh, yes. There’s a setting for this called “auto-logout”:

You can also set it to browser restart, FWIW. “Never” is also available, but make sure your device isn’t shared (or stolen or hacked), as that means “Anyone who uses my computer can have full access to any and all of my logins.”

Thanks for the reply but this has nothing to do with my feature request / question.
Keeping BW open when I am away from my desk is a big no no.
Again, I need a way to log in easier than the current methods available.

Oh. :rofl: :rofl: You mean, you do not want a text-based Master Password (at least most of the time). I understand now.

I had never heard of people using password managers, but finding it hard to use the Master Password. I see your point of mimicking what mobile does.

Yup, definitely impossible currently. Fingerprint would be neat; a lot of laptops come with them now.

Perhaps a duplicate of this feature request: Fingerprint Support (All Platforms) - To do not re-prompt the master password all the time

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@ikjadoon’s answer DOES have to do with your question because you complained about having to enter you master password every time you “get away from your desk” and he offered you a solution for that. So first of all don’t say his comment has nothing to do. Secondly, you could just combine @ikjadoon’s approach with a session locker for your PC and you are done. When you come back you unlock your PC session and your BW account is still there.

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I’m new to BW but this doesn’t seem such a stupid question to me.

As an example, when I was using Firefox, I had:

  • a very strong firefox account password. This is needed if you want to sync the account to a new device, etc
  • a simpler master password that I typed everytime I opened Firefox

Since my computer is encrypted, I feel protected remotely and a little less locally but the chance that my computer is stolen + they decrypt is really small, hence a weaker password locally.

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Egggsactly! Thanks for the link.

That is not really a solution. more of a work around as it is just trading one password for another which are both equally difficult to type in but thanks for your opinion.
After reading your post again I guess I could use windows pin feature to log back into windows.
Anybody know of any security implications of leaving BW open when the PC is on but the user is locked or logged out?

Duplicate to this (thanks @ikjadoon for mentioning) and this.

Time to close this thread.

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I was actually hoping for another alternative other than a fingerprint reader. I would love for BW to be attached to my windows log in. Is this at all possible?

It has been discussed here in the past. Please check these:

  1. Log into Windows desktop app using mobile app
  2. [SOLVED] 2 questions about vault session unlock