Log into Windows desktop app using mobile app

It would be cool when I could use the mobile app of Bitwarden to log into Windows 10.
So I don’t need to enter a password on my PC but can authenticate the login from my phone.

Do you have an example of this?

I have read about this in the internet.

First about an application called “Samsung Flow”:

Also Microsoft had something (but for Windows 10 Mobile):

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@kspearrin Can you please change the title of this topic to:
Log into Windows 10 using Mobile App

I don’t know if I mentioned around, but there’s an app I use for that.

It’s kinda ugly, but it still works. It’s called Rohos Logon Key. Sometimes is handy if you don’t want to re-type stuff all the time and log on with a single click.

Note: You need to be connected to a LAN/WiFi in order to it work. Tethering works, but it’s pretty terrible to get it working. Oh, don’t forget to turn the automatic sensors unlocking off, they’re battery eaters.

Note 2: This is a trialware software. There’s an open-source alternative, but it works as an overlay instead of Windows native features.

PS: I asked Kyle for this somewhere else, I just can’t remember exactly. But I’ll try to update the post if I find. :+1:

(One eternity later…)

Here you go:

(Obs.: I updated that post too. Found its source-code that is available on GitHub.)