Duplicate removal tool/report (including merge)

Thank you so much for this script! It worked well for me.

When importing from, for example, from Google password manager, I’ve created many, many duplicates. And then, when logging into a site, I get 3, 4, or more entries, and some are slightly different, with something like an outdated password. It would save people a huge amount of time if…

a. you checked for duplicates on import; and
b. you built-in a “deduper” so people can run it whenever and keep their vaults clean.

Thank you

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Please could you do an idiots guide on how to actually run this? A video would be fantastic.

Ive tried downloading python but really getting confused on what I need to do.

Thanks again for all the time / effort you’ve put into this.

One question though is what constitutes a duplicate in your context? I am in the throes of processing entries from Apple’s iCloud and login keychains (entries up to 20 years old) before import into Bitwarden. My script strips out to another file pure duplicates (same URI, user, password) but I had it also make a separate file (without stripping) where there is duplication of either of URI or password. I found in some instances I had two or even three logins to the same site with one or both of user and password varying. Sometimes more than one login was appropriate. In some cases, only a latest one worked, in other cases all of them!

My point here is that other than for pure duplicates it is both easier and more useful to use eyeballs on flagged entries, in my case editing the import text file directly outside Bitwarden, before import. By the by, my Keychain-to-BW conversion script also validates URLs.

All such file manipulation is on an encrypted flash drive of course. I don’t need backups of my passwords in plain text, or even to have them lying around.

really feel this feature should be in BW. I pay for BW. I like it. I recommend it to my friends. But it’s very annoying as time goes on and I get more and more dupes.

Honestly the thing I really need is just the ability to merge entries. That seems even simpler than deduping things.

+1 to that request.

You’re going to have a lot of people migrating from Authy and I’d really like to be able to merge the items I just imported

I’d like to +1 this since this request seems to have been open for 6 years and there still isn’t a way to do this in the app. If it’s too difficult to implement this in the app, how about a way to view the details of multiple duplicate entries at once and choose the entries that can be deleted?

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Perhaps the Re-Used Passwords Report would work for this purpose.

Six Years of Frustration: Bitwarden’s Unresolved Duplicate Nightmare

There are perhaps millions of users who trust Bitwarden to keep their passwords secure, yet after six years and nearly 600 user reports, a critical flaw persists: the inability to remove duplicate entries. This isn’t just an inconvenience; it’s a security risk and a massive frustration for users.

While Bitwarden consistently receives high praise in online reviews, this glaring oversight casts a frustrating shadow on this software. Numerous community solutions exist, highlighting the transparency of the issue and the proactive efforts of users. Yet, the problem remains unaddressed by Bitwarden itself.

Why hasn’t this been fixed? This is the question plaguing countless users. Speculation won’t solve the problem. We need concrete action from Bitwarden.

This isn’t a minor inconvenience – it’s a major security concern. Duplicates introduce confusion, hindering efficient password management and potentially jeopardizing the integrity of user data. 6 years is unacceptable for such a fundamental gap in functionality. Users shouldn’t have to waste time navigating a cluttered vault just because Bitwarden hasn’t prioritized a fix.

Bitwarden, we urge you to prioritize this issue immediately. It’s time to translate user trust and community feedback into meaningful action. Fix this critical vulnerability and ensure the security and peace of mind your users deserve.


Just made an account to agree with everyone above. The reused password tool is useless it just tells you how many times a password has been used and doesn’t even show what accounts are sharing it. I’ll look into the community solutions for now but disappointed after many years this has still been ignored.

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The report could possibly be improved when it comes to useability for finding distinct (none-duplicate) accounts that re-use the same password, but the Re-Used Passwords report is actually quite useful for finding duplicates (which is what this thread is about).

All items in the report are listed in alphabetical order, so it is easy to scan through the report and find pairs of sequential entries that have the same icon, item name, and username. Open either one of the pair and click the trashcan icon to delete, which not only eliminates the duplicate, but also removes the de-duplicated item from the report results.

One use case for merging functionality would be something that just happened with my partner and me after switching from LastPass. We both each imported our own LastPass passwords to our Bitwarden accounts (family premium) and we have a shared collection of stuff we should just be sharing (eg. online stores). After we both moved such passwords to the shared collection, we got duplicates that were exactly the same in terms of the username, password, url/domain. If there was a way for Bitwarden to at least suggest like “Hey, these seem similar, but here are some differences. Would you like to merge them? Which one should I keep? Or do you want to select to mix and match some of the fields (eg. keep title of A, url of B)”

It is simple. I want to merge duplicates, I want to be able to do it now.

I want it so I am sure that, if I accedentaly removed the wrong one. I do have the other one in my history.

I want it so I just can bulk import passwords from other services and then quickly cleen out.

I do not mind if it is manual.

Just click click merge done.

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For this use-case, it would really be much easier if you deduplicate the exported password before importing them into Bitwarden. Combine all exports into a single .csv, then use deduplication tools that are available in Excel or any other spreadsheet app. Import the deduplicated .csv into Bitwarden, done.

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For this scenario, one really ought to create a backup prior to any major change to their vault. Only takes a minute or two after you have learned how.

A big part of the problem as I see it is determining what is a duplicate. I think we can all agree that it is a duplicate if all the fields are identical.

It gets much tougher if only some of the fields are identical. Of the entries below, which would you consider duplicates and is consensus possible?

name: google - me
username: me
password: Password123
url: accounts.google.com

name: google - me
username: me
password: different-password
url: accounts.google.com

name: google - alter ego
username: me
password: Password123
url: accounts.google.com

name: google - me
username: you
password: Password123
url: accounts.google.com

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Agreed @DenBesten. I raised this earlier, with no responses to clarify what people were seeking.

It seems to me that the basic option, if implemented, would be to pick pure matches. Repeated passwords are already reported in Vault Health. Perhaps people might ask for tick options to report other repetitions, for which the main use (when I ran my own filter) is to find unnecessarily repeated logins – same site with trivial variation in site prefix, or with different user name, or superseded data.

Not asking for a work around. I was asking for a feature for Bitwarden.