Duplicate Password Report

I imported over 200 passwords from Roboform to Bitwarden. I then ran both the weak password report and the duplicate password report which showed hundreds of sites since I tended to use the same 10 or so passwords over and over again (I know not a good idea). So I went into the sites that I still use on a regular basis (mostly sights with access to sensitive or financial information) and changed to more secure passwords. This left me with only around 50 sites in my vault.

I went back and reran the reports and I am still seeing all 200 sites with weak or duplicate passwords. These are sites that are not even in my vault anymore. How do I go about cleaning up these reports. I would hate to have to visit sites that I have not used in several years just to change passwords on them. Some are for sites that no longer exist or for subscriptions and user groups that I no longer belong to. Some are even from before I retired and have my old work email as a userid which I no longer have access to. There has to be a way to clean up those userid and passwords without revisiting those sites.

Are the deleted sites still in your trash? I assume this is why they are included in the reports.

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Thanks, I deleted them from the trash. I then went into the first 10 websites and assigned random passwords. I then reran the weak password and duplicate password reports and those sites are still showing as weak and or Duplicate. How do I refresh those reports

Hi Paul, I ran into the same issue with items from the Trash showing up in reports. Just FYI, when I emptied my trash and re-ran the reports the items were gone as expected.