✅ Duplicate an existing item in vault

I often have Vault entries where I need to duplicate the Item to create a user account for a colleague or otherwise need to make an Item with mostly similar data fields, but need to change just username and PW.

It would be extremely useful to have a Copy/Duplicate button that would make a copy of an Item with a modified Title “ItemName -copy”

This would save the effort of having to re-create an entirely new Item and manually copy/paste the Name description, User, URL, and Notes.

GitHub issue: Feature Request: Be able to duplicate items. · Issue #151 · bitwarden/server · GitHub

Duplicating an existing entry is very important for me, because I have some test servers, where need to duplicate an entry and just change the username and the password (all other fields and settings are the same).
At the moment I have to copy and paste field by field.


+1 would like to see this feature in a future update


Cloning of an entry should be relatively easy to implement, so it should be given higher priority than measured by the number of votes it gets here.

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It seems like this is an important feature because Bitwarden does not support unsharing items (https://github.com/bitwarden/core/issues/158), which means that the only practical way to unshare an item is to clone it back into one’s private vault and then delete the shared item.


The same here. I’m adopting BW as primary password manager and this is one of the first missing feature that I see. For developers (and not only) it’s quite important, it could save a lot of time! I hope to see it soon!

Hi all,

On our development environments, we have several test accounts with the same url, and even password.
So we want to declare these different accounts without having to re-enter everything, hence my request to duplicate an entry

So +1 for this functionnality

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Just like @frederic_tanchou and others, I regularly have multiple accounts for one URL (sometimes dozens of accounts for a single URL), and not being able to duplicate a login is going to be a huge waste of time, so much so that I’m now questioning my migration to Bitwarden. Given that every other password manager I’ve used has had this feature, I incorrectly assumed that Bitwarden would also have it, and now I’m realizing just how important of a feature it is to me.

+1 I’m a 1Password convert. That’s the one MUST HAVE feature missing dearly that I have found in the first couple of weeks of actual use.

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Using different credentials on the same testserver, depending on database loaded.

Such cases can also be covered by field references. Take a look at this feature request.

Copying whole items could lead to an high administrative burden.

+1 for duplicate item. Missing it very much from 1P.

Coming back to check on this request and hopefully give it a bump.
Our organization just had a case where we had to replicate a whole batch of accounts and this feature would have saved a lot of time.

We just need a button that offers to “Duplicate” vault item and that creates a new entry with all the same details but has a Name of “Copy of xxxx”

Exactly. That’s the primary reason I miss this feature.

Please, please, please… :pray:

+1 to create similar entries for family members

+1 I also miss this feature

+1 very important feature.

+1 I also miss the very important feature.

Still waiting for this feature

I just switched to Bitwarden and I already need this feature!
I have to say it’s quite a pain in the a$$ having to enter all the information for different accounts with the same urls.

Plus, there is no option to unshare items, so it would be a nice have this workaround: 1. duplicate shared item, 2. delete shared item, 3. change password for previously duplicated item