Duplicate an existing item in vault

Adding my vote for a slightly different use case. I want to add custom field PIN to entries for cards. As things stand I will need to add that field to every card I create. In KeepassXC I create an entry called “Card Template” and add PIN to that. Then every time I add a card, I clone the card template and edit. Much simpler/quicker.

That’s a completely different use case. You should should open a new feature request for it.

I’m not sure I understand how this is different? If this feature request is fulfilled, my use case is satisfied. (I think).

Well, it seems to me that the feature you really want is to be able to change the standard fields when new cards are added. Having said that, yes, I guess if you wanted to just create a template entry and be able to duplicate it, that would be satisfied by implementing this feature, so shrug you do you. :wink:

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+1. A must have feature. Duplicating an existing entry and then just adjusting single fields that need to be changed.

Unfortunately after a year this is still a requested feature and not implemented yet. Could you please consider implementing this feature, maybe with the next update?


+1 I also think that this feature should be implemented. It is sometimes annoying ou manually copy stuff from one entry to a new one…

+1 here too, I have just moved from Clipperz, and I really really miss the clone operation! Duplicating an existing entry into one with slightly different details.

+1 need too. I miss this feature

Would like to see this feature in a future update. Wonder why this is not already a feature like other Password Managers have already. I use this copy/edit feature may times.

Please, this is very much needed. How come this has not received attention yet?
Thank you in advance

This is a feature I used frequently in Password Safe and I really miss it. Please give this priority.

+1 for me too.
This seems like a big functionality miss that most of the other PW managers I have used implement.

+1 - This basic functionality is missing from so many of the programs that I use on a daily basis :roll_eyes:

+1 very useful, would like to have that feature very much.

+1 Would be very useful for me

+1 I am just migrating over from LastPass, and very surprised that this feature is not available.

This PR was merged, into browser extension repo, just a few days ago:

I have not tested it but it seems it will allow cloning of personal items.