Does BW sync settings across all your apps?

Today I found out, by accident, that while my Vault timeout in the web version ( was set at 15 minutes, it was set at a different interval in the browser extension. (I think I may have fat-fingered the browser extension setting while nosing around the browser extension during my familiarization tour.) Easy fix: I manually changed it to match the web version. But it took me by surprise. I was under the impression that anything you changed in the mothership ( migrated to the other apps (browser extension, smartphone, etc.)
I did a lot of web and forum searching, and I see others have asked this question as well. Is it still the case that other than basics like password changes, settings are not synced across apps? Or has BW updated the software to do so? (I couldn’t find anything to say it has.)

User preferences are not synced between different Bitwarden app instances. These have to be configured individually for each app and browser extension.