Does Bitwarden Android support logging in via Bluetooth?

Some years ago I read about USB-Sticks that connect as normal keyboard to the PC (so no driver is needed).
Then I can open a password manager on the Android phone, select the entry (the correct website) and the password manager is “typing” the required data via Bluetooth.
So the password manager on Android is logging me in at my PC.

Unfortunately I have forgotten how these sticks are called (and I did not find then doing a Google search).
Are these sticks still offered?

If yes: does Bitwarden support filling the credentials via Bluetooth?

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I found the article about the USB-Stick, it is called InputStick:

And I also saw that KeePass 2 Android offers a plugin to send passwords via InputStick to the PC:

This stick can be used to log into my accounts at foreign computers (at friends, public computers) or at work (when you have problems using Bitwarden).
So it would be cool when Bitwarden also supports this hardware.

The company offers an API to use InputStick in other Android/iOS applications (like Bitwarden):

I have used InputStick with KeePass and the excellent Keepass2Android client plug-in. It work excellently well and avoids have into install password clients onto PCs and other soft targets.

I was hoping the BitWarden client would support it too.

You can use the InputStick with just the InputStick Android client, but you would probably have to expose your passwords on the device’s clipboard that way.

sending credentials from your smartphone to your pc with HID (as a wireless keyboard) via Bluetooth would be an awesome feature. one question … how secure is this?

I would be interested by this feature also. I can work on it, but with the agreement of the official developers that this feature would be included in the official versions!

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I just opened a feature request for the integration with InputStick.