Display Collections that an item is assigned to

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Feature name

  • Show shared collections names for item directly in list without additional clicks

Feature function

At now shared items are indicated only via “Share” icon next to name, and that’s all. So we can’t quckly understand for which collection each item is shared (see the real collections names).

And even after click on the one item in popup window we didn’t see the shared collections list too!

For view list of collections, to which the needed item is shared, we must use separate “Collections” menu item, where we see the editable form, in which can by negligence (occasional mouse click) change sharing settings!

Please provide the way to readonly view list of collections for each item in item details page, and if this will be also available on items list - this will be best!

  • Go to https://vault.bitwarden.com and log in

  • On the right look for

  • Find the name of your organization and click it

  • You now see all shared items

If you only want to see the shared items of a certain collection take a look on the left.


Click the name of the collection you are interested in and click it.


I know this, but this allow only filtering by needed collection.

I need to see the list of collection names for each separate item in mixed list from all collection of search result directly. Maybe, at least, as hover text on “Shared” icon?

Sharing a List View with a specific User ensures the right person has the information they need. By default, this option if you’d like this dfunctionality avaliable myaccountaccess without a workaround, please vote for the following idea: Click new. Name the Public Group via the Label fiels. We recommend method as a workaround.

Exactly! And I want to see in list which item is shared to which user groups, via lookup the collection names, something like this:

Does this thread cover this request? (Regardless of UI implementation, but in overall function)

If so I will merge them - thanks!

Yeah, that is exactly what I need, thanks for pointing! Can you merge?

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