Disable "Autofill On Page Load" option for specific logins

I am having the same kind off issue, username and password fields (for webhosting accountts) are filled with my BW credentials for that specific site. We are using WHMCS.

These are credential fields for specific client users in my system. Once autofill is enabled these will be overwritten once i save the page.

Because of this issue i disabled autofill overall, that is really a bummer.

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Specific use case; many banking sites use 2 separate pages for authentication where the second may be 'select first and third number`. If the page tags these fields as password, each one if filled with the whole password.

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Any updates on this?

I’d like to flag this issue too. I’ve tried setting these ‘select’ inputs to a blank as a custom field but that doesn’t work. Autofill actually slows down logging with these fields and it would be good if they could be identified and left blank.

+1 for this, my business allows me to change passwords for my customers, so when I visit a customer’s page in my account manager, my login details are filled in. It would be great to be able to disable this by URL.

This is a HUGE PITA with my home router. It has lots of login fields for my Dynamic DNS provider and other settings in the router. I would like to store my passwords for the router in Bitwarden, but for the router’s site, I’d like it to never fill in any username and password fields.

Yes, this screwed me up huge, and wasted hours of my time because I saved a page in woocommerce > authorize.net gateway, and It autofilled the transaction id, and disabled checkout of a client site for a weekend. Had no idea this happened. Cost us both a lot of time and money.

uggggg… NEED to be able to disable auto-fill per url.

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I am surprised it still is not added also.

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Yes. Auto-fill of credentials wreaks havoc when administering systems that use system accounts for things like LDAP or active directory binding. Change a setting on the same config page and all of a sudden, nobody can log in.


This is a problem for me with rundeck. We have a lot of rundeck jobs that have an unmasked password field and these were being filled in with my password. This is problematic enough if someone is standing over my shoulder. Worse yet, it would be really easy to submit the job with that password and then everyone can see it. I had to disable autofill globally to prevent this.

Hi all,
This is still a hot TO DO, even though the autofill-feature is in beta, this should be an important feature. Maybe this can use the same list as ‘Never save’, which will be one less list to maintain?

This would be a nice addition to Bitwarden for a small user experience boost. I’ve been removing URLs for now, but that’s less than ideal.

Yes. I’ve had to turn off autocomplete completely because it is so over zealous, overwriting entire profile Details on certain sites.

Now when navigating to a website I have to select it 2x from the extension. Once to go to the website, then again to fill it. On Safari with Pinned Tab autofill still broken, I have to then copy and paste user name and then PW individually. Would love a more simplified workflow/experience.

Hi, I would like to add to add my 2 cents in as far a being able to prevent specific websites from being auto filled. I know it a beta feature so I have high hopes that something to this effect will be added on in the near future. For now I perioidically search my password vault to make sure it hasnt saved any sign in info on the sites I consider too risky to have them autofill.

this is really a must!!!
is there any update on this, @employees ?
I use Bitwarden mostly in Firefox. Is there a beta available that has this function now?

It’s high on our backlog, but not currently in development/evaluation - not off the radar for sure!

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@tgreer Would this be suitable for a Github Contribution? I could look at:

  • disabling autofill on page load for excluded URIs (per this thread)
  • implementing different match detection options, so that users can exclude certain URIs more precisely (currently it is domain level matching only)

My pending PR for managing Excluded Domains would be amended as part of these changes. I think this would really flesh out this functionality.

However, I also understand if you want to leave it for the internal team - I’m not sure how your internal backlog interacts with community contributions.

On first thought, that would be great!

But, I’ll have a quick conversation with the team to see if there is anything that would hinder this addition.

Thanks @eliykat!

@eliykat This would be a good one for community contribution, but I do not want to take it out of scope. This feature is simply saying: Add a checkbox on an item fo type Login that says “Do not autofill on page load”


No worries - I’ll start looking into it and I’ll post a new Contributions thread once I’ve got my head around the changes required to implement this.

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