Ability to manage Excluded Domains

Feature name:

Ability to manage Excluded Domains

Feature Description

Allow users to add and remove “Excluded Domains”, which are domains that Bitwarden will not offer to save the password for. Originally requested in this feature request.

Current behaviour: users can add to the Excluded Domains list by clicking “Never for this website” when Bitwarden offers to save new credentials. There is no other way to add or remove Excluded Domains.

New behaviour: add a new screen to allow the user to explicitly manage the Excluded Domains list. It will be located in the Settings tab:

The screen resembles the familiar URI list UI with a brief explanation:

Clients / Repos Affected:

  • Browser

Timeline to completion (estimate):

1 week

@tgreer already indicated they were happy with this approach so I will start work.


Isn’t this feature required for all the clients, especially the mobile app? I don’t know this just came to my mind. Thanks!

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@vachan true, but the ways that the mobile apps will handle autofill for Android 11 + iOS 14 will probably change a good amount, managing their excluded items may need re-evaluation then.

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@vachan I’m not as familiar with other clients, but here’s what I’ve found.

  • The browser client maintains its list of Excluded Domains (called “neverDomains” in the code) in local storage. This means it can’t be accessed or managed through other clients.

  • The desktop and web clients don’t have autofill functionality, so they don’t appear to maintain their own list of Excluded Domains.

  • The mobile client does have an equivalent list of “Blacklisted URIs” (sites it will not offer autofill on). Best I can tell, this is also stored locally. This can already be edited in the Options screen - although only via a single line comma-separated text input, which is not particularly user friendly.

@tgreer is it worth making a similar change to the mobile client to keep the UIs consistent and provide a more user-friendly way of managing this on mobile? Either before or after the upgrade to Android 11 + iOS 14, depending on how much you think that would affect this. I’d be happy to help either way.

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I’ll have to get back with you on the Mobile items, as iOS/Android have different available methods to manage. But, for now, at least, the browser extensions would be a great help!

No worries - I have submitted the PR here for review.


Reviewed with some general feedback, thanks!

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I’d also like to suggest that this be placed in the domain rules category as that would be the most intuitive location for it. That would require allowing the extensions and mobile apps to access the domain rules tab which is currently only available in the web vault.


is this something that is still “in progress”?

Yep! Merged into the main branch a couple of weeks ago, should be out with the next release :slight_smile:


hi, has this been released yet?
i think the current release is from jan 28?