✅ Disable "Autofill On Page Load" option for specific logins

this is really a must!!!
is there any update on this, @employees ?
I use Bitwarden mostly in Firefox. Is there a beta available that has this function now?

It’s high on our backlog, but not currently in development/evaluation - not off the radar for sure!


@tgreer Would this be suitable for a Github Contribution? I could look at:

  • disabling autofill on page load for excluded URIs (per this thread)
  • implementing different match detection options, so that users can exclude certain URIs more precisely (currently it is domain level matching only)

My pending PR for managing Excluded Domains would be amended as part of these changes. I think this would really flesh out this functionality.

However, I also understand if you want to leave it for the internal team - I’m not sure how your internal backlog interacts with community contributions.

On first thought, that would be great!

But, I’ll have a quick conversation with the team to see if there is anything that would hinder this addition.

Thanks @eliykat!

@eliykat This would be a good one for community contribution, but I do not want to take it out of scope. This feature is simply saying: Add a checkbox on an item fo type Login that says “Do not autofill on page load”


No worries - I’ll start looking into it and I’ll post a new Contributions thread once I’ve got my head around the changes required to implement this.

This setting should also apply to Identities in the browser extension. I may add some identify info to my vault for a person that I would never want to auto-fill on a website, so I’d like those identities to not take up space on my list of Identities to select from.

Any update to this? Would be very useful at my work.

@eliykat has joined the Bitwarden team, and has since been inundated with work :laughing:

I believe he’s working on this in parallel with some other items, but no official ETA just yet.

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Most comments (if not all) refer to a browser situation. I for one would like to emphasize the importance of it applying to also specific apps.

I prefer to separate TOTP from BW and use Aegis on my Android phone. Whenever I unlock Aegis BW prompt me to save the password. Besides taking up limited screen real estate, it defies the reasoning stated above of using a separate 2FA app.

Sure would be great to permanently exclude apps and sites for BW prompts.

Cheers for a great BW :+1:

I was just about to post asking for this and I saw this post. It would certainly be a useful feature. Within individual logins to disable the auto login feature.

I’ve left LP for BW. This is a must have feature, I can’t have BW filling in passwords for very sensitive sites (banking/vpn/etc). Please consider implementing, either as a do-not-autofill or blacklisting(never ask) feature.

Thank you.


I’ve really been missing this feature from LastPass - but I’d like to see it implemented (or as an option) - to do the reverse.

I’d really prefer to have the auto-fill turned off by default, but would like the ability to turn it ON explicitly for certain sites.

So to me, there should be four choices:

A) Auto fill globally disabled (useful for temporary or permanent override) - and I’d like this to be plugin/browser specific.
B) Auto fill globally enable (I don’t like this option, but some do.)
C) Auto fill disabled by default, override by item
D) Auto fill enabled by default, override by item

With the BW plugin UI as it currently stands, it seems like having this be an extension of the ‘url matching behavior’ drop down (or a parallel one) would be ideal:

A) Use Global Default setting for Auto-Fill
B) Enable for this URI pattern
C) Disable for this URI pattern

with A (use global default) as the ‘default’ setting.


Hoping for this feature in 2021, autologin is ruining privacy for me on some sites

I know autofill is an experimental feature, but not autofilling already fill forms should not be an issue?
Or let us use the Never matching option to disable for a specific url match conditionally.

It should be straight forward. Please review you internal process and move this up the chain.
Its important to find a fix.

+1 Must have… specific url options should have options to disable auto-fill or ask for master password again.

The lack of “Never URLs” (as they’re called in LastPass) surprised me when I switched to BW. Seems like such a simple feature to add as it’s just adding a filter onto your existing feature.

Bitwarden is open source, so just go ahead: Program this simple feature and then contribute it. Thank you for your support ! :slight_smile:


Yes unfortunately for me Bitwarden just starts auto-filling on page load, putting sensitive information into fields on the page it thinks are correct. This is a major security risk as it can’t help itself but try and reveal your password at any chance it gets. I don’t think I can use this software anymore which is a shame.

This is now available in version 1.51+ :metal: