Directly fill-in a generated password in the password field instead of opening the password generator window

Hello, for my first request I’d like to suggest this :

About the password generator. When you add an entry and click on “generate password”, make it so it doesn’t automatically open the password generator window (or add it as an option maybe). Instead, directly fill-in the newly generated password in the password field.

Like this, you’d spare one intermediary window as well as another click, but most importantly the password wouldn’t be displayed in plain text as it is right now when you generate a password. Maybe set up a system that lets you acknowledge that a new password has been shuffled each time you click on the button, because if it’s masked you have no way to see it…

And for the entries where you need to tweak the generator, why not add another button right next to the “generate password” button, to open the PG window and make your adjustments.

With this system naturally, the generated passwords would be in the latest form factor used in the PG window, as it is the case right now in Bitwarden.

TL;DR : when you click on “generate password” when creating an entry, make it that it directly fills in a password in the field instead of having the password generator window opening. Convenience-wise (you don’t have to click another time) + security-wise (the password never shows in plain text)


I moved over from lastpass and they had this.

This is a necessary addition in order to use Bitwarden in any open space!
I do not really care about which new password is generated as long as it is compliant with the features I asked for (size, special chars, numbers, etc) in order to make happy the service I’m registering to.

Thank you ! does not let me paste into the new password field. So it is cumbersome to create a secure password… I currently use Lastpass to generate the password and then save it to Bitwarden.

I faced the same issue with I think same must be applicable for all banking sites in India. They won`t allow to paste the password so I guess when we “generate new password”/“Modify existing password” its better if you can auto fill in the field rather than just copying it to copy buffer

Some websites (while registering for new accounts) wont let paste password! It would be nice to have a option to fill generated password, like lasspass.

+1 for this. I found this incredibly useful in LastPass.

Definitely +1, I don’t get how this is not yet implemented

I’m finding more and more websites that won’t allow you to paste into the “confirm password” field. I find myself pasting into notepad and then manually typing in the password that was generated hoping I don’t mess it up. This is something I use regularly with LastPass and would be a nice addition.

I find it weird the browser extension has a “tap to auto-fill” feature for saved passwords, but not for generated passwords. As the OP and others mention, sometimes copying is disabled and besides, surely it’s safer to auto-fill rather than using the clipboard anyway, just as we already do for saved logins. This should also trigger a prompt to save a new login to preserve the password.

I have also had the issue with some sites prohibiting you from pasting something in when creating (or sometimes when updating) your password. Sometimes you can get around this by pasting the password into another text field (like your browser search bar or a word document) and highlighting then dragging and dropping it to the password field. That probably isn’t the most secure thing in the world to do though.

It would be nice to see the option to generate and autofill the password directly to circumvent this. Perhaps the right click generator option could pop up the generator window, allow you to change settings, and then give you the option to either copy or autofill the generated password.