Diceware passphrases with numbers and uppercase

Diceware passphrase feature would be even more useful if we had the ability to make it include numbers and uppercase letters, just like it is with regular passwords (special characters are covered by word separator).


I’d like to use passphrases all the time, and also not have to modify things to have one of each character type which is required by many websites. i think the number should be inserted randomly into one of the separation characters, and the uppercase can either be at the start of a word, or all words, or a whole word.

Basically, keep the flow of diceware passphrase, but make it easy to have all character types for password requirements.

I think it would be great if the passphrase generator put as many numbers and capital letters as there are symbol separators.

if 3 words with 2 symbol separators, then 2 random numbers that don’t have to be the same before or after the two seperators or at end of last word and two of the words with capital letters for the first letter randomly chosen.



This way u just changes the number of words to accommodate passwords rules, maybe even allowing randomly chosen symbols from a regex list.

Passphrase passwords like these are nice because you can memorize them much easier and still have a very hard to decipher password using brute Force techniques while meeting password rules.

Just mentioned about this in this thread I’ve made.

Not to forgot to mention about the cool XKCD Passphrase Generator.