Detect Password Change not working

Does the “detect password change” feature described here still work for folks? Detect password changes

I can’t seem to get it to trigger for the life of me, I’ve changed my password on multiple sites that seem to meet the “3 login prompt” and other requirements but I never see the popup from BitWarden to update my stored password.

I’m on Windows 10 and I’ve tried it from Chrome and Brave browser both running the extension v1.41, I’ve tried multiple sites including Reddit but it never works for me.

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After updating passwords on a dozen sites finally found some that work - Amazon and Zappos for example. This is likely more of a website code issue with inconsistent password field tags.

I get that’s impossible to catch this on all websites but I’m just surprised at how many it misses, especially Reddit which is used as an example in the BitWarden tutorial videos!

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Same here.
I like Bitwarden and happy from switching over from LastPass because it’s open source, but password change detection or even new credential creation detection is really bad.

On LastPass, missed detection was the exception. On Bitwarden, detection is the exception.

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Damn, I specifically came on the forum and searched topics to express that I am really irritated that Bitwarden almost never detect password change or creation in site fields.
And to whom am I replying? Myself!!!
(No I’m not crazy, I just forgot I had already expressed my irritation)
So yes, it is really irritating.

Strange - I have not noticed this issue. But I have to say, I did get a chuckle out of your last post! Sorry that you got so frustrated, but I enjoyed your humour!

Please, if you see this message, please donate your vote to my feature request, it’s free!