Improve password change/creation detection

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Password change/creation detection

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When I create an account on a site and enter a password in a password field, at form submission Bitwarden should detect that and ask me to save credentials.
Same when changing a password for an existing site account password. Bitwarden should detect it and ask me to either add it as a new entry or to update an existing one, in which case it should additionally ask me which one to update (currently if by miracle it detects the password then what happens is that I end up with two entries for the same site).

Currently it almost never detects such password creation/change.
It’s maybe a challenge to make those detections, but LastPass was working fairly well.

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I’m seeing the same problem. I just set up my Bitwarden account today, and it hasn’t popped up yet.

I agree that this should be improved. As a workaround, what I’ve started doing is creating a BW entry just before I sign up for a site. Then, when registering, I use BW to enter the credentials I’ve just created.


Yup i just realized that this feature is missing hope they add it in the next update

The feature is there but does not work well on every site.

I never liked the “detect password changes” of other password managers as they did not always get it since every website is different.

I prefer the method of creating the item in the vault first so I know I have the password saved. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had my previous password manager not pick up password changes, at least with this method I know for sure the password is being saved.

Yep, the magic word in this request is ‘Improve’.

And I always liked the simplicity of the “detect password changes” feature. I always tolerated the very few mistakes LastPass was making – and because of the password generator history, that was never a real problem – because of all the time I saved and the workflow fluidity it provided. Now with Bitwarden it’s always uselessly long. The workflow it imposes me feels so archaic.