Desktop App on Windows 10 unable to decrypt or download

The desktop app for windows 10 has been giving me a lot of issues today. First I logged into the desktop app and all my entries said “Unable to decrypt” when I tried to logout of my user account, I would get a spinning animation that would run infinity.
I logged into my vault from a browser and thankfully everything was there and accessible.
I then tried to log back into the desktop app and now my vault is empty in the app, from the browser everything is still there.
So I uninstalled the desktop app and tried to re-install it since this step has worked for me in the past, yes, this happened before, but now I can’t download the file because it doesn’t exits?

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Where are you trying to download the app from? This is the link from the official Downloads page:

The installer downloads fine from there.

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Maybe similar to this issue:

Maybe just a temp hiccup.