Deleting vault content tfor new import

An earlier import from LastPass is obsolete. To avoid duplicates, deleting all
current entries or equivalent will help. How do I do that?

Or can I delete the current vault and create a new empty one?


If you don’t have many folders, I think the easiest way would be to:

  • login to the web vault on your browser
  • export existing vault (just in case)
  • choose to Select All entries
  • delete the selected entries all at once
  • delete the folders one by one
  • import your new data once the vault is empty

You can also delete your account entirely and then create a new one, but pay attention to the information in this Bitwarden help page if you are a Premium subscriber:

Select All works fine, How do I delete them all? I can only send one
item to the trash at a time, even chossing Select All at the Trash icon.

In the header that says My Vault, click the settings icon to the right, choose Select All, then click it again and choose Delete Selected. That should get them all.

And I forgot to mention one step - this will send the items to the Trash. You probably want to delete everything from the Trash before you import your new credentials.

There is no header that says My Vault. A lock icon at the bottom left has that title.
It’s locked. Clicking on it does nothing.

Maybe this added info wlll help:

I’m on a Mac (10.11.6), running Firefox with the extension.

BitWarden is in the Dock, opens at login, and is assigned to all desktops.

Preferences include Timeout Never.

Sorry - I may not have been clear, but you can do this through the web vault by logging in at The web interface has some additional features that are not available in the browser extension or mobile clients.

Thank you, David. Using the Web interface was the key. I have one folder remaining
named No Folder. It can’t be deleted.

Now to import the correct LP data…

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