How delete all account data ( passwords and notes etc ) and start again with a initial import

Ive searched for this but can not find instructions how to do.
I want to delete all data in my account.
I do NOT want to delete my account.

Because my initial import had several errors, and I re import as I fixed each error. now I have many duplicates in my password list. So I want to delete all my BitWarden data and start again with a fresh import …

How about this:
https: / / vault . bitwarden . com ( deliberately not entered as a link ) -> login in -> profile picture (in the top right) -> My Account -> scroll down to the “Danger Zone” -> Purge Vault

First make sure you export (backup). Go to and choose .json, just in case things don’t go the way you want. If everything’s fine, don’t forget to (safe-)delete the backup.

Why suggest .json over a .csv and how do you safe delete the backup?

“We recommend using .json for a more complete export, as .csv files won’t currently export Cards or Identities.”

Source: Export Vault Data | Bitwarden Help & Support

Perhaps save it directly to an encrypted USB device? If you want to keep on using your current account you could completely avoid this issue by creating your backup in an encrypted JSON file. This does not work if you would create a new account, as you would not be able to re-import that backup.

Vault data can be exported in an encrypted JSON file. These exports are encrypted using your account’s encryption key, which are generated on account creation and unique to each Bitwarden user account.

Source: Encrypted Exports | Bitwarden Help & Support

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