Deleting folder in my vault also deletes from organisation


I’m just migrating to BitWarden from LastPass and have imported all of my passwords from a CSV file. I’m currently in the process of sharing some of the folders with an organisation however I came across an issue where after moving passwords to an organisation, the folder in my vault has no items, so I delete it. This however deletes the folder from the organisation also meaning that I have to leave emtpy folders within my personal vault.

Just wondering if there is a workaround or anyone else has experienced this?

Hey there, folders are more like tags (for your personal view only) and only used to organize the items you have access to, that can include both individual vault items as well as organizational vault items.

Folders will be replaced by ‘vault item labels’ in a future update.

Shared items in an organization are contained within collections (shared folders)

More info here:


Thanks for coming back to me on this. Ok, makes sense so I guess the recommended approach for me would be to utilise Collections in an Organisation rather than folders to keep everything organised?


If your intention is to tidy up the organization items, use collections structure is the way to go :+1:

So I think it is but the only issue is relating to the fact that folders can nest things. In our Example we might have a “Clients” folder which holds different folders for each individual client to allow them to be found a lot easier.

Creating a collection for each client is also beneficial due to the allowed fine grain control of it. Overall the issue I had originally was just due to the fact that I can see folders within my organisation but they feel tied to my individual user on a team account. I’ve added a video below to kind of demonstrate what I mean.

Vidyard Recording? - As you can see, everything came in within a folder. If I move an item into the organisation it goes out of my personal vault, which is as I would expect. The folder on my vault is then empty. But if I go into the organisation vault and look the VPN folder is also there. Lovely, that’s what I want. But then if I delete the VPN from my Vault it disapears from the organisation, thus making things a little less organised.

You can also nest collections :+1:

Oh, nice. Thanks for that, didn’t realise you could nest Collections :exploding_head:

I can also see that Folders are specific to a user, not an organisation so nested collections feels like the way to go here. Thank you for all of your help!