Default usernames

Hey @michecinski @levkach, just wanted to check-in on progress and to see if there is still active development on this one, or if you have any questions for the team!

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I would love to see this feature!

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This feature will be great!

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As @michecinski and @levkach have not replied, can the Bitwarden team prioritize this feature on the roadmap? We have relied on Bitwarden for years and this simple feature is long overdue.

If I missed it on the roadmap, my apologies.

Thank you!


I totally agree. It’s such a crucial feature.


I just noticed in the iOS mobile app that when adding a new login, there is a generator feature now available for the username field. There are a few configurations for which the default is generated.

More info:

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+1 on this comment

+1 please implement this

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Is there anything new here when this feature comes?

I am eagerly awaiting it! :star_struck:

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Please implement this!

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Please implement. Hate having to manually type in my long email address all the time


Why is this still missing?

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Nobody knows.
@bw-admin ?

Please implement - I’d love this feature! I hate typing in my email address all the time.

Since more than 90% of the times it’s the same email, I wouldn’t even mind if it auto populated my default email. If the username is different, erasing that would be easy.

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If you use MacOS & iPhone use the text replacement feature to enter your email quickly until the feature arrives.

Been looking for this feature for a while. Any news about when this is getting implemented?

Just another vote for this feature.

@stucco Welcome to the forum!

Feature requests can be found (or created) in the Feature Requests section of the forum.

The feature request you are looking for is here: