Default Tab



Hi. I’m currently making the switch from LastPass to Bitwarden. The one thing that I’m not liking is that when opening the Chrome extension, it always defaults to the “Tab” tab. I’d really like it if it could default to the “My Vault” tab. Is it possible to add an option that allows it to be chosen?


Yeah, I’ve just seen that here. Indeed it works that way. But as soon as you start typing something in the search box it will show entries on your entire vault.

Maybe this can help you too: Bitwarden's Cheatsheet?

Don’t forget about the Ctrl+Shift+Y and Ctrl+Shift+L shortcuts on browsers (it might depend on the platform you are on). They’re extremely useful.


Just came here to look around and see if this was a thing. Have you seen any other threads talking about this? Would love if we could set the default on our own!