Couple new user questions

  1. I’m using the Chrome extension in Win 10. Does Bitwarden offer an option to display an icon in the login boxes (like 1Password) that can be clicked to enter my creds? See screenshot. I know that there’s a context menu item.

  2. is there a way to set the extension to display all logins every time I click the extension?


Bitwarden does not currently have such a feature. There is an active Feature Request for such functionality, where you can add you vote and/or comments, if you wish.

Many of us use the Ctrl+Shift+L shortcut to quickly autofill without using the context menu.


There is no option to change the default view that is displayed when first launching the extension (by clicking it or using the Ctrl+Shift+Y shortcut): it always starts in the Tab view. To see all available vault items, you would have to click over to the Vault view. Here is another Feature Request where you can vote or comment on implementation of a configurable start view for the extension.


Maybe I’m not applying it correctly, but entering Ctrl+Shift+L from a site’s login window, such as the one in my screenshot, does nothing.

On MacOS, it would be Cmd+Shift+L instead of Ctrl+Shift+L.

But for it to work (whether in Windows or MacOS), you need to have a properly matching URL. When you are on the website’s login page, do you see a numerical badge counter in the corner of the Bitwarden icon? It would look like the following in a Windows Chrome browser, and I believe the counter is red in Safari:


The number shown (1 in the above example) indicates the number of matching login items available.

Edited to Add: Since your screenshot above is from the Reddit login form, in case you are using Safari, you should be aware that there is a bug affecting the Safari browser extension autofill on the new Reddit site specifically (see: Auto Fill is pasting password in website search box); autofilling login credentials on old Reddit should still work in Safari.

Thanks! It’s Windows/Chrome, and I have counter in the extension icon - see screenshot. As you’ll see, the URL matches. Still, the shortcut provides no response when I invoke it from the screen in my first screenshot

Strange. Does autofilling occur when you open the browser extension and click on the item name (e.g., “Reddit”) in the list of logins? Also, just to be sure it’s not some Reddit-specific issue, could you try the keyboard shortcut on another website?

Yes, it works fine. I noted that, when I try the shortcut on a site listed in Bitwarden, the URL highlights, as in the screenshot. But, it also highlights the URL on most other sites, which makes me think there’s a shortcut conflict, though I couldn’t find a Ctrl+Shift+L shortcut for Chrome.

Yes, I agree that a shortcut conflict may be the culprit. You might try something like Hotkey Detective to track down the source of the issue. Alternatively, you can go to chrome://extensions/shortcuts and change the shortcut key combination used by the Bitwarden browser extension for autofilling. If you have some other browser extension that is using the Ctrl+Shift+L combination, you might find it on the extension shortcuts configuration page, as well, and be able to re-assign it or disable it there.

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I think we got it. As you’ll see in the screenshot, the hotkey was not assigned when I installed the extension. I added it, and all is well. Thanks!

That is odd, but glad you got it resolved! FYI, the normal hotkey for locking the vault on demand is Ctrl-Shift-N. On Chrome, I have configured the Bitwarden extension to use Ctrl-Shift-X for locking, as Chrome uses Ctrl-Shift-N to open a new incognito window.