Default setting options for Firefox extension

I don’t see any conversation about this, and I can’t find a setting for it in the Firefox extension.

When I use Bitwarden password manager’s Firefox extension on my Windows PC, I have to always select “Vault” at the bottom, and then “Login” to get to my logins. This is always where I go, so the additional two clicks to get to it is kind of annoying, and makes me less likely to use Bitwarden.

Is there anything in the works to add the opening view as a settings option in the browser extensions?

Relevant feature request:


Also, you should consider using a bookmark manager for the purpose of launching websites. Bitwarden’s focus is as a password manager, so its design is not optimized for use as a bookmark manager.

The Tab view, in particular, is designed to make auto-filling of logins, credit cards, and names/addresses more efficient.