Customize the Default 'Lock Option'


Just a thought of a possible feature which I hope would not be difficult to implement but I think would be useful.


  • When you log in to a new computer with BitWarden, by default, the Lock Option is set to ‘On Browser Restart’
  • It would be nice if users could set the default option for new computers they log into (for example, to 1-minute)
  • This wouldn’t change all the computers you were logged into, it’d just be the ‘default’ BitWarden grabs when you log into a new computer


  • I think this would be useful because I have ‘slightly tech savy’ friends, who are smart enough to install an extension, but aren’t savy enough to change the lock options of Bitwarden (or to be precise, they’d probably forget).
  • I usually help them set it up, and usually set the lock option to ‘1 minute’.
  • If they install BitWarden on a new computer in the future, they are probably going to forget to change the Lock Option
  • If a default could be set, they wouldn’t have to remember :slight_smile:

Proposed Possible Solution

  • Just a field that allows you to set the Default Lock Option (the Default of this field could be On Browser Restart, I think that works fine, it’d just be nice to be able to set the Default)
  • It could be Web Vault only, or integrated into the extensions and apps. Whatever works best (I’m guessing you probably try to keep less fields in the extensions)

Let me know what you think. I’m not sure if this is a whole lot of work, but it’d be super nice if it could be done.

Thank you for all of your hard work with BitWarden. It’s wonderful!

I very much agree with this – it seems like a security hazard for my account to default to “lock when browser restarts” since very often I don’t close the browser. When I’m installing bitwarden on a new device, if I forget to change that it’s entirely possible it will remain unlocked indefinitely!

+1 to both of these. I would very much like to see the ability to set account wide (or organization if I were an enterprise) wide defaults.