Customize Firefox plugin "Tab"

Is there a way to customize the tab dropdown from the firefox plugin?
I have 4 credit cards saved and they appear at the top and that means I have to scroll to see my first (primary) saved identity.
Customizable would be ideal but it would also work if the dropdown went to the bottom of the page to display more content.

@jbb23 Welcome to the forum!

Consider voting for the feature request “Customizable Window Size for Browser Extension”.

You can disable the display of credit cards on the Tab page (by unchecking “Show cards on Tab page” under Settings > Options), but you cannot change the order in which information is displayed (Logins, Cards, Identities).

You might also try using the right-click context menu (Right-click â†’ Bitwarden > Auto-fill identity >), to see if that work flow is more convenient for you.

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