Custom fields: Trying to select an item from a drop-down menu

Has anyone figured out of how to select an item from a drop-down menu on a log-in page? Adding the custom field with the ID sap-language-dropdown does open this menu for a tiny moment. However, the desired item German DE is not selected.


The values I have already tried are: D, d, DE, de, De, G, g, GERMAN, german, German

On a side note:
Bitwarden works great to fill in the forms with standard yadda yadda within SAP if you (have to) use the web-version.

You can usually just check out the list in the code (like this example for a state) and add a custom field - in this case the field name would be ‘state’ and the value for the field would be the 2-letter state abbreviation.


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Thank you Trey. This really would have been nice. Unfortunately it looks like this:

Use Inspect Element. Right click and select on the box and inspect it.
These names are searched for using the following criteria:

  • HTML form element’s id attribute
  • then the HTML form element’s name attribute
  • then the HTML form element’s corresponding label value
  • then the HTML form element’s aria-label attribute
  • then the HTML form element’s placeholder attribute

If one of these matches is found, Bitwarden will auto-fill the custom field’s value for you.

Can you give the link of the website?

Sorry, but no I cannot. This is from the company I work for. I however already have provided the code that is related to that drop-down menu.
But searching for sap-language-dropdown does provide some “samples” from other companies…

Already had tried before:

  • ID: sap-language-dropdown-r / sap-language-dropdown / sap-language-dropdown-btn
  • name: sap-language-dropdown (identical to ID)
  • label: -
  • aria-label: SL1-key-5
  • placeholder: -

Using sap-language-dropdown does open the menu for a tiny moment, but does not change anything.

@tgreer a little help please?

I don’t have any additional ideas just yet.

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It looks like that particular dropdown is handled with another script/etc. on the page, and not a pre-built list, so it just may not be possible unless you’re able to somehow get the name of the object that is being filled and set the dropdown value to that (sorry if I am missing something else here).

It would be nice (and not very difficult I think) to automate the process of collecting all the form fields’ names and their values in one go, and save that into the vault as a login or identity. Similar to what LastPass does with its “save all entered” feature.

It’s actually a feature request for BW but has unfortunately not been upvoted much. Would be a blessing for less technical users and for long forms… Please vote for it here:

Custom Fields and automatic fields parsing (save all entered data)