Custom Fields and automatic fields parsing (save all entered data)

Really sad to see this is not a thing yet.

Try using Roboform! The Roboform firefox extension saves ALL info on the form, not just User and Password.
I have a few accounts. If I type my username in and click the Roboform icon, it knows which password to fill and shows that one on top.

Please try using Roboform for a month and see how Bitwarden could be much better. It can save all fields of the form and later fill them with 1 click, it can detect password fields and offer to save them, etc.

+1 I would like this please

This is a really, highly wanted feature.

Another good use case: when bad websites use “security questions”, and you want to capture the question and answer, to remember later what you put. (Was your childhood pet a fish or a dog?)

Please implement this! :slight_smile:

By what date will this be implemented? I’m using Roboform because Bitwarden doesnt save forms

I have a suspicion that this isn’t a priority for Bitwarden. Even though I would love to have this feature, I can understand how this would be low-priority for a password manager among the hundreds of other feature requests.

Already implemented, but i wish it to support regexp for dynamic fields

Does it work as well as LastPass and Roboform?