Custom Fields and automatic fields parsing (save all entered data)

Besides Forms, this also works for difficult sites.

Occasionally with LP, it doesn’t offer to save a site after I create a new account. I go back and enter the information again, and select the Add Item/Save All Data Entered, and it creates at least a partial site card. I can then edit the site info if it didn’t capture all the login information.

LP’s mechanism is not perfect, but its a work-around for those difficult sites.

Often LP saves all kinds of other fields all by itself. They definitely don’t take a minimalist approach.

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Like in LastPass, you can grab all fields and create a complete card with a lot of informations typed at registering (not only password/username)

And you can make even better than LastPass if we don’t need to manually do it each time. Because with LastPass you need to make like 4 clicks each times. So you can ask to save all fields each time you detect a validation with a password field (or email one, like you want, sometimes some websites work without password, so it’s a way to work)

Is this feature request the same as what you are asking for Custom Fields and automatic fields parsing (save all entered data)

Not completely, because after that I suggest an idea to even overcome LastPass

@daa thanks for the request! I have merged them as they are the same basic item. The UX recommendations you make are a great addition, too.

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I was a little gobsmacked to find out that I had to lookup the input id to create a custom input form entry for a government site that I visited this morning that had two input fields of type password.

This is a very important usability feature, devs can figure this out, most regular users would be lost attempting to navigate the inspection of elements to figure out the information required.

Yes, I am looking for this feature, it will be great to have the option to save all entered data, it’s already there to save passwords but no manual option to do it, you will have to submit the form first and it will appear afterward.

moved from lastpass recently and paying user of bitwarden. sad to see this feature not implemented yet :frowning:

Would love to see this feature added, too. I think Bitwarden has LastPass outclassed in every department but this is something I would use all the time (e.g. filling out the form to check COVID-19 test results).

Wow - I never knew LP had this feature but it looks amazing and would be a superb addition. I’m very impressed with custom fields and how useful they are but to have the abilities to pre-populate their custom fields (which could then be tweaked) would be fantastic.

100%! this is the only feature I miss from Lastpass, and I’d definitely jump up to premium and stay here long term if implemented.

It’s one of those ideas that would sound “too hard to implement” if it didn’t exist yet, but now that it’s been done someplace else that makes it much easier to tackle.


I’m also missing this feature after migrated from Lastpass. One clarification: saving such a form should be available by demand, i.e. even if the given form has no username/password fields at all, I should be able to save it in Bitwarden with the fields by invoking a menu. This can be context menu on the page, or menu available from Bitwarden icon. Currently we can create new Bitwarden card only by Bitwarden’s own initiative.

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I miss for this feature too, I swap to Bitwarden from Lastpass and actually at this moment this feature I need a lot

This would come in so handy. I just ran into this today, but I’ll only be using the form 3-4 times, so it wouldn’t be worth it to setup all the fields manually, but if there had been a “save all fields” button it would have been so nice to fill the form once, and be able to save all the values for the next few times.

We need this feature, PLEASE!!! BITWARDEN FTW!

+1 Import did not notify me that it did not import custom fields from lastpass… I almost unsubscribed to lastpass. Glad I still have it around.

Other than working on it, are there any objections from the BitWarden maintainers from adding this?

My usecase is to autofill I94 - Official Website

Came here (thanks @kaovilai) from

where my issue is that BW autofills online banking PIN fields incorrectly - this feature should solve that, when implemented.

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Reluctantly renewing my subscription to LastPass today because of this feature.

Voted, a very useful feature is implemented!!