Credit Card expiration date should autofill last 2 digits of year, not 4

Title basically. Most forms require MM/YY, but bitwarden always tries to do MM/YYYY (despite me filling field as just last two digits). Basically, I can never autofill card information, making feature almost useless.

If there are plenty of MM/YYYY forms, distinguish between them? Or maybe let us select between idk.

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@Lippiece there are many feature requests for the team to consider, let’s keep criticism constructive, you can review the community guidelines at any time.

Rest assured your feedback has been passed along.

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I am wrong and responded out of emotions, please disregard my previous message. This is actually a bug, see pull, issue.

Although I still don’t see any point using this forum when you already have GitHub.

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Thanks, I’ve deleted the post above since the comment was removed :+1: the forum is a space for discussion, community help, feature requests etc…

When there is a specific bug report, those conversations take place on Github.

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