CPU usage since 1.31.x



I am running an on premise installation on a Ubuntu server VM (on a qnap-nas) and I am very happy with Bitwarden.

But since version 1.31.x (not exactly sure) I have a much higher CPU usage.
Every 10 seconds the load goes to 30-60% and drops back to 2-3%. Before the update, the load was always around 3-6%. When I stop bitwarden, the load is gone.

After this process the usage goes up. Especially the sqlservr process

For a test, I go back to 1.30.4. There is the usage normal at 2-6%. After an update to the current version the utilization was increased again.

What can I do? Is there a context between the new “Docker container health checks”?




On my system mssyl does use much more cpu since I did an update on august 4th, too.

(Second image deleted, as I’m a new user and not allowed to post more than one image.)

The container always uses at least 2% cpu and regularly jumps up to like 13%.



docker stats shows the following: (incidentally, there is no user activity at this time.)

  1. bitwarden-icons triggers

  2. bitwarden-admin and bitwarden-web:

  3. bitwarden-notifications:

  4. bitwarden-events and bitwarden-attachments

  5. bitwarden-identity and bitwarden-nginx

  6. bitwarden-api

then again about 10 seconds no load
now the sql server goes up to 44%
then 10 seconds no load and it begins again