Consistent behaviour on clicking a listed item in vault

In the extension’s “Tab” view, clicking a login will attempt to AUTOFILL. However in the “My Vault” view, clicking will VIEW the login (side note…tooltip has a bug and says “Edit”).

I find this difference in behaviour rather frustrating. It’s also a potential security risk, since clicking a login may inadvertently autofill details into a page that you didn’t want them in.

I propose:

  • make the default click action in ALL cases be to VIEW the details of the entry.
  • change the “eye” (view) icon to something like a “writing pen” (autofill) icon in the “Tab” view.
  • in pop-out mode, suppress the autofill icon

This makes the action of autofilling a more deliberate choice. It would also bring the extension in line with the web vault, where clicking strictly gets you a detail view.

I ran into this consistency problem as well. @kriswilk’s suggestion would work for me.

@kriswilk Didn’t you propose that the default not be view in your GitHub thread?

Yes, in issue #473 (link) I had a change of heart since I usually use autofill rather than view details.

However upon further reflection I think my original point about not wanting to risk accidental autofills is more “security-conscious” default behaviour. Autofill should probably be the more “deliberate” action so I’d make it an icon instead of the “view” icon.

I’m also hoping for keyboard navigation (tried to repost that to the forum but got rate-limited by discourse for 24 hrs)…in which case I can do whatever I want just as easily.

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Follow-up here because I noticed a minor UI change in the Chrome extension. The “eye” icon to view the details for a login has been changed to a “window with details” icon.

When I saw this change I hoped that the vault UI had been brought in line, but it hasn’t changed (yet?).

Just wanted to make this clarification since my original post mentions the no-longer-existent “eye” icon…

Came here looking to open a request for this change to find someone has already requested.

I 100% agree with the @kriswilk this trips me every time.
The behaviour changes if you’re current tab has a detected login or if it doesn’t and it forces you to think “what should I click” and a lot of times I get this wrong.

It should be consistent and I agree the default click action should be “View” and autofill should be demoted to clicking an icon

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@miked Put it perfectly. This trips me up too, and the proposed solution sounds good.

I’m of a different thought. “View” is rarely what I actually want. It’s clear things need to be consistent, but there’s a disagreement (and it’s not an unreasonable one, either way). I would like to see an option to choose between “view” and “fill.”

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Are you using the “hotkey” to autofill? (in macos it’s ⌥⌘CSHIFTL)
It’s very convenient and I use it 99% of the times without needing to open the extension window

I agree that this inconsistency is rather annoying. Just like others, it also trips me up quite often.

The only place click-to-fill is used it the extension Tab, all the other use click-to-view (extension vault, web and android app)

For security reasons, I also agree click should view. Filling should be the one requiring another step, as suggested by @kriswilk and supported by @miked and @bit.

Ideally there could be an option for people to chose between view or fill on click, to accoodate for those who’d prefer this working the other way around, like @oninoshiko . The hotkey could be used as well.

I just came here to suggest this as well. I don’t really mind which one is default, but I would love for the behavior to be consistent at the very least.