"Communicate with cooperating native applications" permission needed for Chrome extension?

I started using Bitwarden a couple weeks ago and have loved it so far. Specifically I’m using the Chrome extension on Windows 10.

This morning I started Chrome and the Bitwarden extension had been disabled. In order to re-enable it, I need to accept the new permission “communicate with cooperating native applications”.

Can someone explain why this permission is suddenly needed? I’m hesitant to grant this permission, but I don’t think I can use the extension without granting it.

Thank you.

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I came on here to ask the same question but I’m using Firefox instead.

“Exchange messages with programs other than Firefox”

Why is a new permission needed?

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TLDR: Check Extension disabled due to new permissions · Issue #1548 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub

This is actually happening on every major browser. Looking at the firefox extension changelog (Bitwarden - Free Password Manager version history - 25 versions – Add-ons for Firefox (en-US)) you can see the newly added feature Biometric unlocking w/ desktop companion app. This is why they need new permissions.

Given the delicate nature of this app, it would have been great explaining what’s going on before rolling out a new version causing this not so good looking error warning on top of all your passwords.


I agree. Bitwarden should have done this better and I hope that they will remember this next time.

On the other hand, no matter how much information is provided beforehand there will still be some who don’t notice it and complain afterwards. However, that is not a reason not to do it.

To be fair to Bitwarden, they are often criticised for being slow updating things, so they probably can’t win.

Thanks for the explanation, erwol! Much appreciated.

Ideally it would be nice to have the ability to disable the biometric feature if you don’t plan to use it, and therefore not have to grant this permission. Not sure if that is possible though, or if it is it might overcomplicate the interface.

They certainly can’t be slower than LastPass! :laughing: That’s why I left and came to Bitwarden.

Yes same question.

More info here: Make "Exchange messages with programs" an Optional Permission

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