Coming from Roboform Everywhere - similar settings/features?

Coming from Roboform Everywhere here. Mostly liked it although the iOS app was a bit different/limited on some things, and the $200/3 years was a bit pricey.

Anyway I’ve paid the $40 for the premium/family setup. I have downloaded and installed the Windows app/fat client, along with the Chrome and Firefox extensions. I’ve exported my Roboform stuff to CSV and imported successfully into Bitwarden.

Now for some probably dumb questions:

  1. Roboform had a “single sign on” experience, meaning I boot up my PC, login (to windows) and then login to Roboform (either the browser extension OR the Windows app) and I’m logged into ALL Roboform “things” on that device (ie, I launch Chrome and then later launch Firefox, I’m not prompted to login to the Firefox Roboform extension). It seems with Bitwarden, I have to login 3 times (once to the Windows app and once for each browser extension-Chrome and FF).

  2. Roboform has a “auto-logout” on Screen lock or PC lockout AND a 120-minute inactivity timeout (ie, if my PC isn’t locked, but I’m not there for over 120 minutes, then I have to login to Roboform again). It seems that I may be able to do this with Bitwarden with the “Vault Timeout - 2 hours” setting and then the Vault timeout action set to: Lock? But is Lock independent of Logout? (they’re two separate pulldown items, you can’t have Lock and/or Logout)?

  3. Browser extensions just don’t show up on the toolbar thingy, unlike Roboform. Instead, at least in Firefox, it seems I need to have a good portion of my vertical real-estate taken up by the context menus? Is there a way to move this over to the toolbar like almost every other Firefox extension?

  4. The iOS app doesn’t seem to integrate with iOS very well. For example, we have (at my other job) an app we have to use that requires login. Normally I launch that app, I click the login button and iOS prompts me which password manager to use (Roboform, KeyChain, etc.)
    BUT there’s no option for Bitwarden in the list that iOS provides. I’ve enabled the app extension in the Bitwarden iOS app. Unfortunately the app we have to use does not have FaceID as an option (it used to and they removed it for some strange reason).

I’m sure I’ll have some more questions as I play with the product. I know not everything will be the same, but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

  1. You do have to log in separately to each instance of Bitwarden. However, the option to Log In With Device may simplify this process for you. Furthermore, please note that logging in is normally an infrequent procedure — most users leave their vaults logged in all the time, and rely on vault locking for security (however, unlocking must also be done independently on each Bitwarden instance).

  2. The “vault time-out” only has a single time-out setting, so that you can choose either an event-based time-out (e.g., On system lock), or a time-out based on inactivity (e.g., 1 hour). In addition, there is only a single time-out action: Lock or Logout. As noted above, most users choose Lock.

  3. I am not personally familiar with the Firefox extension, but I believe that in most browsers, the extension is displayed just as a small Bitwarden shield icon in the vicinity of the browser address bar (when not in use). I know that Firefox has an option to open the browser extension in the form of a side-bar, but I believe that this is an optional setting. Also, I don’t know what you mean by “toolbar thingy” or by “the context menus” in this context?

  4. I don’t use the mobile apps, so I am unable to assist with this one.

Here’s what Roboform extension shows/does:

roboform browser extension2

Please review this old thread, and see if any of the suggestions provided in the responses from @bw-admin help:

Thanks! Seems for some odd reason the extension does not show up (unlike every other extension I’ve ever used/installed). The only method that does fix/resolve is the very last post:
“Having same problem with Bitwarden on FreeBSD using Firefox 112.0.1
Need to clickety clack at the little “extensions” icon in the toolbar, and select the bitwarden.
Would be more intuitive if it worked the same way as most (all ?) other extension apps.”

Too bad it’s been almost 2 years and Bitwarden hasn’t fixed this issue.

Although I stumbled upon the Chrome issue (contrary to what the video shows you, the icon does NOT show up on the toolbar). You need to “pin” the extension in order for Chrome to show it on the toolbar.

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