Clear search field when changing folders in Desktop app

It would be convenient if the search field was cleared when switching folders, so it doesn’t have to be cleared every time you need to start a new search.

You just have to press Ctrl + F to switch to the search field and highlight what was looked up first.

Not exactly what you want, but it does the job.

It does, thanks.

Actually, while it does work when I want to search, it’s still a problem when just clicking to another folder. I just get an empty listing and have to clear it manually. It should clear when you click to a new folder, as per the title.

Whenever a user is clicking “All items”, any search should be cleared.
Outlook does this, when clicking on the Inbox.
If a user have done a search and then clicks on a folder, a type or maby on favorites, the current search should (in my opinion) be cleared.

This will make Bitwarden mutch more user friendly.

Feature name

  • Search field should be cleared when user presses on a different folder.

Feature function

  • Currently search field is not wiped out, and once you click on a different folder, you don’t understand why the folder is empty. It’s because search field is still at work and is filtering out the results.
  • The benefit of clearing the search field is that additional clarity is added. It’s because when user presses on another folder, he switches contexts, which means any filtering criteria should be reset to initial state.


  • User searches for “gmail” keyword in “All items” folder. Then he remembers that he actually is looking for “outlook” email and clicks on “Outlook” folder. But he sees no entries because results are still filtered by “gmail” keyword.

Before Posting

Feature name

  • Ignore search filter when “Favorites” is selected

Feature function

  • I constantly need to manually clear the search filter when selecting favorites. The user experience would be smoother if when favorites is selected, then search filter is ignored.
  • The favorites field shouldn’t contain more entries than what would fit into one page.

Related topics + references

  • In LastPass desktop client, the favorites are always rendered on top of the list and there is no dedicated favorites button.
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Any text currently typed on the ‘search’ field of the desktop app will persist even when clicking on different folders. This is an annoyance since most of the times the term/s in the search field will prevent any logins to be displayed on the folders we click. Clearing the current search when the user swaps to another folder would be a massive quality of life improvement.

This behaviour represents one of the single biggest usability hickups I have with BitWarden.

It should be a really simple change to implement, and it would make a big difference.

This change has my vote!