Chrome extension - allow multiple timeout options

There are the following Vault timeout options in the BW chrome extension


It would be great if more than one timeout option could be selected, e.g. I’d like my Vault to timeout if my system is idle for 30mins or I lock the screen.


I agree. I actually thought about this the other day. I would like to have a timer-based lock and to lock on browser restart.


It would be very useful to be able to customize the lock and log out timeout. I changed this option frequently when I used lastpass based on my work location. For example at home I am fine with a 8 hour logout, but in an office setting I may choose a immediate logout on screen lock.

At least it would be nice if an option would imply the lower ones.
In the desktop app, “on system idle” does not imply “on system lock”.
So, if I select “on system idle”, the lock isn’t triggered when locking the pc.
Which is illogic.