Locking the vault

I would very much like the option to set multiple conditions to trigger my vault to lock, for example now I have it set up to lock (browser extension) on browser restart, but sometimes I just have to leave in a hurry and I just leave my computer open or locked, I don’t close my browser, then my vault stays open for hours, I do not like that. So what this feature would or could solve is when it detects no use of the vault, it locks it after a configured amount of minutes, when it detects use of the vault, it resets the timer.
I would personally set the timer on 20 minutes, so that if I forget to lock the vault manually or close the browser OR lock my system, the vault still locks itself.

Also another question/feature request, does Windows support device autofill services, like in a way that you can do on Android? That’d be very nice too.

There are already several similar feature requests. Here are just 3 of them:

This feature requests already exists for quite some time, so you can cast your vote here:

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