Charge more money for Premium

I came from LastPass to Bitwarden, as the price increases with LP were off-putting, for lack of a better word. I believe the price is right and the experience is better. I have a premium BW subscription.

I also think $10/year is practically free. I also understand that this depends totally where you live and if you have a job etc. I’d add another tier ($25-$50/y) with some nice non-mandatory “quality of life” improving features for us who would be willing to pay more.

In India, which has a huge market space for BitWarden considering the tech boom, it is perfect at $10. Anything more, don’t expect a lot from here. 90% of us even struggle to get a decent quality Netflix account. That’s why they launched the mobile plan for India. Please do consider the entire spectrum of users and demographic circumstances before suggesting such a thing. Otherwise, like everyone above already mentioned, a Donate option is the safest bet. A lot of us donate once in a while when we’re truly resonating with the product. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I concur. OP is definitely not considering other countries as a market for Bitwarden. I can assure you that here in India, $10 is a perfect amount to charge. Otherwise, I think regional pricing is the best way to move forward. It will definitely add more logistics and there are always people who will find ways to circumvent paying more in their region by spoofing their location, but it ensures fairness for everyone: we the customers and you.