Change "Lukk" (Close) text to “Avbryt" (Cancel) on norwegian translateion

In this forum post, the mobile app is changed from using Close to Cancel on editing items.

Can the same change be done to the norwegian translation of the desktop app?
I use desktop Bitwarden 1.33.0 (2645) on macOS Monterey v12.3.1

When I select English, the butten states “Cancel” when editing an item.
But when I use Norwegian language for the app, editing an item shows “Lukk” (Close) and not “Avbryt” (Cancel).

This might not be a feature request, but an translation issue, yes?

Hi @hakontdal,

we use Crowdin to manage our translations, which need help from our amazing community to be extended. If you wish to contribute to our translations, please sign up for an account there.

The desktop project at Crowdin can be found here

And the label in question for ‘Norwegian Bokmal’ can be found here

Kind regards,

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