Change crypto payment provider

Currently, BitPay is used to accept crypto payments. I suggest switching to a self-hosted payment server or using another payment provider.

Why not?


  • BTCPay Server - self hosted solution with no fees, but requiring manual conversion to fiat; supports Lightning and a few altcoins
  • CoinGate - payment provider with 1% fee for payments and free Bitcoin and SEPA bank transfer withdrawals; supports Lightning and some altcoins
  • CoinPayments - payment provider with 0.5% fee for payments and free Bitcoin withdrawals; supports Lightning and some altcoins

Upvoted. BitPay has been hostile towards Bitcoin ecosystem. I would urge BTCPay Server instead.

BTCPay Server - perfect!

I’ve talked to their support team and what I came to know is that they’ve no intention to add more payment gateways. This is really bad as because Bitpay is repugnant and also not user friendly. They blocked a vast majority of countries. Hope BitWarden listen us and impermanent a different payment gateway for crypto users.

I added credits via BitPay now the first time.
The user experience wasn’t super. The payment to BitPay was okay. However once BitPay said it received the money it took like 5 long minutes until it appeared in the Bitwarden account page.
That was not so nice when paying with something “new” and for a moment it’s unclear where the money is now.
Could be that a self hosted instance would make it faster but I guess it’s understandable to focus on one field.

Nice Info thanks for sharing my information