Centralized and not app related value for application auto lock

You install the app on your smartphone and the autolock is one minute.

On browser is on restart

On desktop another thing

Anytime you install the app you have to check the param and adjust it.
What about a centralized option inside the account preference?

For example I set there “auto lock: immediately” and on any app (desktop, mobile, browser extension) I log with my account it takes the option from there and I can live peacefully that the auto lock is immediate and I don’t risk to forget to change the option and have a less secure usage (maybe because is set on browser restart and I restart it once a day)

Hi @Dario! Welcome!

We actually have a thread here on this topic: Sync Bitwarden settings, like "Lock after X minutes" or PIN

It’s on our backlog list currently.

I’ll close this thread so you’ll get your vote back. Feel free to post/vote on the other thread, too :slight_smile:

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