Can't unlock Bitwarden by typing password - fingerprint works OK

Using Bitwarden Version 2024.1.0 (18112) on macOS 12.7.2. When Bitwarden pops up the password request screen, I cannot unlock it by typing the password, even after typing it excruciatingly carefully. See the video below.

Using my fingerprint works OK, and going to the Bitwarden app and typing the password works OK as well.

What other diagnostic information could I provide? Thanks.

To clear things up, I like to type my password in a Notepad (or equivalent) and then, when satisfied, paste it into the field. This catches weird errors like keyboard layout switches and mistyped stuff.

Double check that this is the real password another way, for example via the web vault.

I’m sorry, this doesn’t work - Version 2024.2.0 (20587) on the Mac does not allow pasting into the popup password field.

I copied the string and checked it by pasting it a separate place. When I paste into the popup window, no dots appear.

I must confess to be ignorant when it comes to Macs. Do you at least have the password work on Web vault?

Oh… I can unlock Bitwarden easily enough, either in the application itself, or in It’s the popup window (see description in Bitwarden Broken on macOS - keeps requesting password? for details) that seems broken