Can't login into desktop app and web vault

I am trying to login into desktop app in windows and web vault but it says username or password is incorrect but i can login into extension and mobile app i am sure i am using the same password.

Take a look at this:


  1. I tried to write the password without looking and i am sure it is the correct password. I copy pasted the password into browser extension and it worked but when i pasted into desktop app it said wrong username or password.

  2. I never changed my master password

  3. Yes the special character is available inside generator

Hey there, can you also check to ensure that you are using the correct email associated with your Bitwarden account and that this has not changed recently?

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Just to be on the safe side:
While you are (still) connected to Bitwarden and as your mobile phone seems to accept the password, export the vault as unencrypted JSON to your phone and also save all attachments on your phone. If possible then move (not copy) all these files from your phone onto a USB-device.

Back to the original issue:
By the way: Do you use a VPN on any of your devices ?

I would continue by restarting my computer and the DSL modem and/or router.
If after that the password still is not accepted in the desktop app and the web vault I would disconnect the WiFi-connection on my phone and use the mobile network instead, then try to log into Bitwarden on the phone. Next I would open up a WiFi hotspot on my mobile phone, connect the desktop to that hotspot and then try again both the desktop app and the web vault.

Something completely different: Can you enter the web vault by using your phone ?

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You can also check out this community crated guide How To: Master Password Problems and Best Practices

Yes nothing is changed also as a side note i exported my vault as json on browser extension and clicked logout and now i also can’t login in there i only have access from my phone app

I don’t use VPN on any of my devices this problem is happening for almost two days and i have restarted my comptuer several times but the problem continued. I can’t login into web vault using my phone

I didn’t want to lose any more time so i created a new account and imported my vault thank you all for your time

And now it works on both devices and all apps (including the web vault) ?

yes it works on both devices and all apps