Can't enable unlock with biometrics for Chrome plugin


My browser plugin doesn’t link with desktop app for biometrics.
Normally I use Chrome current version: 123.0.6312.106 but I tried to test it on newest Firefox (current version: 124.0.2) with the same result.
When I try to set “Unlock with biometrics” I get info that “The browser connection is disabled. Enable the feature in the settings of the Bitwarden desktop application.”

I followed the official manual: Help Center ==> My account ==> Log in & unlock ==> Unlock with biometrics
First setting the desktop app (see imgur link abowe screen no. 3)

And next the browser plugin.
The desktop app is logged in. Biometrics for desktop app works fine. Windows hello works fine also (I use it to login to Windows).

There was time that it worked on this PC, but after my company switched this laptop to passwordless auth I started to get info that Windows Hello use different account that Bitwarden plugin wants. I solved that issue, it worked for some time and now web plugin lost communication with desktop for unknown reason…

  • I tried to look for similar topics here (like this: Cannot enable biometrics) - not too much of luck…
  • I reinstalled both desktop app and browser plugin - didn’t help
  • I tried to install fresh Firefox (that normally - I don’t use) - same result. Worth to mention that FF asked for some extra rights for first try with biometrics (unfortunately the browser said nothing what rights it asks for). I gave it “ok.” and in the end the result was similar to Chrome (I got “The browser connection is disabled”)
  • I tried to sync the vault in desktop and web plugin app - no change.

What is going wrong here?