Can't Add Items To An Organization Vault As A Manger


I have invited a user to an organization and made them manager. I would like the user to be able to add items to the organization vault but it is not possible to do so.

Even though I have added the user to a collection in the organization, the add item form for the vault for the particular user says “There are no collections to list.” at the bottom and gives me an error that says “You must select at least one collection” when I submit.

What am I missing. Please help.


I found my way. It seems adding items to an organization vault is only possible for user types of Admin and higher.

I think if someone has no access to a function (Like creating an item to a vault), it should not be shown to them.

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This is only a problem if you haven’t granted the manager access to at least one Collection in the Organization. Managers can also create a new Collection and then add items to that if they have not been given access to any existing collections.

If the Manager has access to more than one Collection, they have the option to select one or more to include the new item on creation. With no Collection access, the bottom of the add window shows:
There are no collections to list.”

I can see having Managers that are temporarily removed from accessing all collections, so unless I missed something no change is needed.