Cannot open vault with new browser or OS

I can log into BWweb or desktop from new OS (Umbutu) or a new browser (Brave) but my vault is empty (or locked?) Supposed to be no limit to number of devices but BW is acting as if I have exceeded my allotment.
I am basically using MacOS Catalina and BW is running normally in Vivaldi and desktop app.
What am I missing?
I am a baffled, experienced user.

Hey @rahpe, great question! Bitwarden doesn’t have any device limits. Can you described what you mean by ‘empty (or locked?)’ are you able to enter the vault, or stuck at the login screen?

I can enter “a vault” but there is nothing to show, it looks empty. It bears no resemblance to my vault. At first I thought everything had been deleted, but using the desktop app on my Mac everything is still intact.

Can you try to log out of the vault and then log back in?
Make sure to log out completely rather than just lock it as this should require the master password again.

If that continues to show an empty vault you may try to delete, and then reinstall the browser extension.

Out of curiosity you mentioned the browser is Brave, and the OS is Ubuntu.
Do you perhaps know the versions numbers? I know some users reported issues with using Bitwarden I believe with the latest Ubuntu LTS release, so possibly related or otherwise hopefully just a simple weird big with a quick fix.

As for the website, that is okay now. Probably I was not remembering a change I made to my email address and I was typing an alternate address.
I’ll take another stab at Ubuntu version and get back in touch.
Thanks for following up.