Cannot get my email verified

I installed a second instance of Bitwarden, and the goal is to delete the first instance after I finish.
In the first instance, I never had an option to verify my email but in the second (newer) instance in the upper right corner, I got the request to verify my email.
In the docker compose file i put my email settings like this:

  - [email protected]
  - SMTP_PORT=587
  - SMTP_TLS=true
  - [email protected]
  - SMTP_PASSWORD=my_password 

I tried Google Gmail but google keeps blocking the mail and sending me the message that it blocks the mail
I tried Yahoo but I got a lot of errors there
Now I tried Microsoft and did send the mail without any errors in the log but still, I receive nothing. Is there another way to verify that itโ€™s me?
Iโ€™m tired of this SMTP BS.

Hello Wieba - welcome to the community forums. And I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with your smtp settings. Everything looks fine to me, and if the confirmation message is being delivered by the Microsoft mail server, then Bitwarden is not your issue. You need to check your mail client to see why the message is not being received. Perhaps it ended up in your Spam folder?

I checked my Spam there was nothing there, do i need to put this information in my docker-compose file?
Why canโ€™t I only supply my email address?

Because the server needs access to a mail delivery service to send you the mail with your validation token. Bitwarden is not a mail server.

Thanks for the help so far

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