Can I use Bitwarden for access to a stand alone application with password?

Hi, I have a stand alone application on my Windows 10 desktop which has an ID and password.

Is it possible to use Bitwarden for stand alone applications or is it only for websites?

If I open the standalone application, while I have the Bitwarden app open, Bitwarden does not suggest to save or fill an ID and password.

Thank you!

Hi @margie - welcome!

Autofill doesn’t currently work for desktop applications. We do have a feature request for it, and it seems most major OS vendors are working towards enabling password managers to offer this feature in a secure manner in the near future.

Currently you’d need to copy+past (though you can of course use the quick copy buttons) into your standalone app.

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Thank you tgreer,

Is this specific for Bitwarden or do you know if other passwordmanagers such as LastPass or Dashlane already do provide this?

Otherwise it would maybe be possible to make a script with AHK by myself.

There are some that do perform this function, but it’s always good to review their implementation, since it’s acting as a keyboard emulator in some cases.

Specifically, Keepass and Roboform are mentioned for Windows in the feature request thread.

Thanks tgreer. Do you mean that Keepass and Roboform are currently providing this feature?

As far as I am aware, yes - though a cursory review seems to indicate Keepass to to have the more complete function between the two.

@tgreer Can you please explain this?
What are the major OS vendors working on?
And what does this mean for password managers like Bitwarden?

Right now auto-type in some applications is pretty rough. But, for instance MS and Apple are working on frameworks to tie in password managers into the OS more directly so all the data is moving in a safe and known fashion, instead of emulating key inputs, etc.

Sticky Password also has this capability.

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Thank you all for your advice.

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