Bulk move logins to other collection within same organization

When I want to bulk move logins to another or multiple collections within the same organization I can’t save the selection.

It is possible to select multiple collections but the save button isn’t working (i can’t click it). Is there any solution for this?

I want to bulk remove/share items to other collection.


Hey there, the team is working on bulk movement between items already in an organization collection.

If this is a new vault, you can always import into your individual account and bulk move from there, or condition the CSV prior to import (just be aware that if you export/import you will lose some vault info like attachments and password history.

Vault exports will not include file attachments, items in the trash, password history, or Sends.

Ok when will this be fixed/updated? If I first export and them import again all passwords are double in the collection. also the collection are double. Is there any way to avoid this issue>?

Hey there, enhancements are planned but I don’t have an ETA at this time. To avoid duplicates you can purge your vault first (be sure to have a backup stored safely, use at your own descretion) and delete collections prior to importing.

@bw-admin This feature should be planned as right now we have over 250 collections that need to be moved under a nested collection and doing them 1 by 1 is an unneeded time commitment.

Hey @jahvari this is currently planned, I’m looking at designs from the team today on this functionality.

If needed in the meantime, you can always export and condition the CSV, just keep in mind that password history, attachments and sends are not included when exporting.

@bw-admin The history, and attachments need to be preserved so I am unable to do the export option as of right now. Just curious how long something like this would take to implement?

@bw-admin Any updates on when this feature will be available? It’s been awhile since the last update in this thread and I don’t see a way to do it yet in the vault.

We are also waiting for such a feature and i want to go one further.

The UI is a nightmare in terms of organizing things in general (web and desktop). If i want to move an entry i have to do it one by one instead of selecting all of them.
If i want to move a collection with sub collections everything breaks.

That might be a hard thing to do because of permissions, sharing and encryption, but i’d rather live with some additional work to redo permissions (copy all permissions from the collection i am moving a tree to) or something like that, than breaking things.

I tried moving and reorganizing things and it is a mess afterwards.

Other than that bitwarden is a great product.

are there any updates on this implementation?

This should really be higher on the priority list.

To be honest, if i do the work of sorting these entries one by one, then i can also move to another password manager, same work, but e.g. in nextcloud passwords it does not cost anything, since it is already there

We really dont want to do that and not have the work, but we need to clean up and sort

also looking for an update here. I have hundreds of passwords that I need to move into multiple other Categories. Is there an ETA yet?

is there any progress on this? being able to manage and organize items is pretty critical and having to do so one item at a time is not sustainable for an organization especially when moving to bitwarden

We just moved our org to Bitwarden and this has been a real pain for us.

I hope the developers can get to this soon, as I’m sure this is important for may orgs, especially during the migration phase.

@bw-admin Are you able to provide us with any sort of update on this?

We’re also waiting for a solution for this, as we have the exact same problem as OP. Are there any updates on this? @bw-admin

I guess this is why I won’t be buying a licence for my company in the end.
How can something so important not be implemented ?

The fact that you can’t view all nested child elements is a thing, but not being able to move them around easily is a pain I don’t want to handle. Going to look at other solutions.

@clement-siliceum and all: Bitwarden recently implemented “bulk assign items to collections”:

(from the Release Notes | Bitwarden Help Center)

This is the help section to that: Collections | Bitwarden Help Center

That doesn’t solve the problem of moving folders in bulk. And from the description it only works for “Organization Items” ? Importing from last pass didn’t import into the organization, so you need to go to every single “nested” folder, move to org, move the collections.

And what about my users that want to reorganize their folders ? Sorry but not enough.

@clement-siliceum The title of this thread “Bulk move logins to other collection within same organization” may be solved. ?!

But if you’re not happy with the functions, please feel free to search for a feature request thread, that matches what you seek. I did a short search and found this for example:

If that (or your own search results) doesn’t match for you, feel free to create a new feature request. :slightly_smiling_face:

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