Bulk move logins to other collection within same organization

When I want to bulk move logins to another or multiple collections within the same organization I can’t save the selection.

It is possible to select multiple collections but the save button isn’t working (i can’t click it). Is there any solution for this?

I want to bulk remove/share items to other collection.

Hey there, the team is working on bulk movement between items already in an organization collection.

If this is a new vault, you can always import into your individual account and bulk move from there, or condition the CSV prior to import (just be aware that if you export/import you will lose some vault info like attachments and password history.

Vault exports will not include file attachments, items in the trash, password history, or Sends.

Ok when will this be fixed/updated? If I first export and them import again all passwords are double in the collection. also the collection are double. Is there any way to avoid this issue>?

Hey there, enhancements are planned but I don’t have an ETA at this time. To avoid duplicates you can purge your vault first (be sure to have a backup stored safely, use at your own descretion) and delete collections prior to importing.

@dwbit This feature should be planned as right now we have over 250 collections that need to be moved under a nested collection and doing them 1 by 1 is an unneeded time commitment.

Hey @jahvari this is currently planned, I’m looking at designs from the team today on this functionality.

If needed in the meantime, you can always export and condition the CSV, just keep in mind that password history, attachments and sends are not included when exporting.

@dwbit The history, and attachments need to be preserved so I am unable to do the export option as of right now. Just curious how long something like this would take to implement?