Browser shortcut for "Generate new password to the clipboard" -- disable by default

The default Bitwarden Chrome extension keyboard shortcut for “Generate and copy a new random password to the clipboard” is CTRL (CMD on a Mac) + SHIFT + 9.

This is the same keyboard shortcut for “quote” on Every time Bitwarden is installed fresh on a browser, this setting needs to be changed or disabled (via chrome://extensions/shortcuts) in order for Gmail to operate normally. On it’s own this default setting can be disruptive, but it’s especially bad for situations like writing emails because the clipboard gets overwritten, too, and it’s a common scenario for something to already be copied (i.e., if you’re quoting someone, you’re likely copying and pasting text from somewhere, and Bitwarden erases it). I generally get around this with changing defaults and using a clipboard manager, but I wish it didn’t keep coming back.

I propose that the default shortcut be a different keyboard combo, or disabled by default.

Welcome to the community ToddBonzalez. I have shortened your subject title to remove the rationale you explain clearly in your post.

Do you have a proposal for a shortcut which could be used, considering conflicts with other common software? In fact it may be easier either to divide up your proposal into two or to settle on one of your positions – either to change the shortcut or to disable it by default. That way, people will know for what they might be voting.

Thanks! It’s probably easiest to disable by default rather than research all the potential conflicts. Bitwarden could offer instructions on how to enable it for those that want it, which would also let folks choose their own shortcut from the start.

Yes, I think so. I will change the title accordingly.